Editions ecosystem is already made up of projects of high utility.

Editions Autoloader for Node.js

You can use the Editions Autoloader to autoload the appropriate edition for your consumers environment. It is currently achieving 3 million downloads a month, and 800 thousand downloads a week.
GitHub - bevry/editions: 📦 The best way to produce and consume the JavaScript packages you care about.
The Editions Autoloader for Node.js

Projects using the Editions Autoloader

There are even more than 100 projects that make use of the Editions Autoloader. Including projects of ESNext, ES5, TypeScript, CoffeeScript, and JSON types.
Projects using the Editions Autoloader

ESLint Configuration

You can use eslint-config-bevry to automatically adjust your eslint configuration based on your editions.
GitHub - bevry/eslint-config-bevry: Bevry's ESLint configuration is an adaptive configuration that automatically configures ESLint
Automatic ESLint Configuration for your Editions


You can use Boundation to automatically create new projects, and update existing projects, to conform with the latest wider ecosystem changes, including automatic generation of editions to meet the target environments that you specify.
GitHub - bevry/boundation: Automatic scaffolding and upgrading of your JavaScript ecosystem projects using Bevry's best practices
Generate your Editions automatically using Boundation


You can use Projectz to automatically generate and update the installation information in your readme file with what is appropriate based on your editions.
GitHub - bevry/projectz: Stop wasting time maintaining your project's readme and package files! Let Projectz do it for you.
Document your Editions automatically using Projectz