Frequently asked questions about Editions and their answers.

What is the editions property inside package.json?

It is the property used to define the Editions that the package provides.

Do I need to use the Editions Autoloader to use editions?

No. You do not have to use the auto loader to use editions.

Editions can be considered in the following parts:

  1. A standardised editions property inside your package.json file used for defining the editions a package provides

  2. This standardised property can then be utilised by optional things due to its standardisation, such as an auto loader that can automatically include the correct edition for the current runtime, or renderers that render the available editions for the consumers awareness. These latter parts are entirely optional, and should not detract or distract from the promotion of the valuable by itself editions property.

Are there other ways of doing this without making use of editions?

Yes, but they are all terrible, hence why editions exists.

How does the Editions Autoloader work?

Refer to the Editions Autoloader API Documentation as well as the Editions Autoloader Changelog for the most up to date information on its operation.

How can I debug the auto loading process?

You can set the environment variable EDITIONS_VERBOSE to yes, this will output to stderr the relevant failure and stack trace for why editions are failing to load.

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